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Misty Mountain Ranch

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Frigate's Passage, renown as one of the best surf spots in the world, is just 12 miles off-shore from Pacific Harbour.  Commonly known as Fiji's "Pipeline", this reef based break is not suitable for the amateur surfer.

Frigate Passage is a powerful left-hander that breaks over a relatively smooth coral reef. The wave can hold up to a solid triple over-head, and rarely does it drop below head-high. Rides of 100 meters or more are not uncommon.

With the prevailing south-easterly trade winds blowing off-shore, and its exposed position to southern ocean swell, Frigate Passage is one of the most consistant surf spots not only in Fiji, but also the South Pacific.

Aqua-Trek offers great Surfing Packages that include boat transfers to and from Frigate's passage. Call us at 1-800-541-4334 or email us at info@aquatrek.com for more details.

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