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Fiji's culture is a rich mosaic of indigenous, Indian, Chinese and European traditions. Fijian indigenous society is very communal, with great importance attached to the family unit, the village, and the vanua (land) . A hierarchy of chiefs presides over villages, clans, and tribes.

For those seeking to experience Fiji's ancient culture first-hand, Aqua-Trek offers traditional village trips that give our guests a friendly insight into Fijian life, customs and crafts. The Arts Village and Cultural Centre, located in Pacific Harbour, provides the best cultural shows Fiji has to offer, along with traditional arts and crafts shops, boutiques, bars and cafes. Interact with locals in a friendly environment, learn about their arts and customs, and witness traditional Fijian culture. Entry to the centre is free, charges apply to shows and tours.

Namuamua Village and Waterfall Trip: A short boat trip up the Navua River brings you to the Village of Namuamua where you will be greeted on the shore by its friendly people. Guests are treated to the experience of a tradtional chiefly kava ceremony followed by a Fijian meke dance performance. After a tour of the village, guests enjoy a delicious Lovo meal prepared by the village women in a underground lovo oven. This is a wonderful cultural experience.

Time: 9:45-4:30pm
Cost: USD$135 per person

An amazing cultural excursion is also available to you as part of our offered Luva River Whitewater Kayaking trip, where you can visit the remote village of Nakavika and be welcomed as a friend in the home of the chief as you participate in a traditional kava ceremony!

Call us at 1800-541-4334 or email us at info@aquatrek.com for more details.

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